Blue Zoon Projects’ Co-Create

We offer a wide array of personalized bookmaking experiences for individuals or groups.

BZP events are designed to encourage people to express their creativity, learn new skills while enjoying a great social experience. I collaborate with you to bring your vision for a unique event to fruition. 

My workspace is your comfort zone. That is to say I bring the party to you, wherever and whenever works best. I bring the skills, supplies and tools. BZP Bookmaking events are small groups or individual 1-on-1’s centred on hands-on collaboration in the creation of your very own artist book.

Groups must have a minimum of 5 people at $75/person.

Individual 1-on-1’s are priced subject to the individual project.

Group experiences are 3-hour sessions packed with creativity, introspection and social bonding with friends or family.

Options for bookmaking events:

1 – Artist Book – You select the style of book that everyone will be creating beforehand. You bring your playful selves and I provide all the materials needed. Every member of the group makes an individual book to keep for journaling, memorabilia, art or as a gift. Check out Blue Zoon Project’s Facebook page for photo albums and ideas.

2 – Keepsake Book – Each participant crafts a personal page to be included in the keepsake book. Participants bring memorabilia, such as lyrics from a favourite song, photos, tickets to movies or music. That thing you don’t know why you kept. I bring the bookmaking essentials to complete your keepsake.

In addition to individual or group events, BPZ Bookmaking is excited to announce a personalized service for couples. We invite you both to celebrate your bond through the creation of an intimate artefact for the world to witness. This book is created with either of you designing your own pages or collaborating on the design of each page together. We then bind the pages into a book displaying your commitment to each other with memories for you both to treasure.

We also offer a Legacy or Storybook making course 3 hours a week for four weeks as a group or individually.

No experience required – your inspiration and my support. I have been making and creating for 30 years.

I come to your venue Every session is customized every book made is unique