Co-creating personalized bookmaking projects.

Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes and having fun. Mary Lou Cook

BZP Bookmaking offers personalized events focused on creativity, play. Walk away with your own sacred creation of self-expression in less than 3 hours. Guaranteed to create meaningful memories with friends and family through this unique bonding experience.

“It’s so easy, it’s BZPZ”

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Bookmaking, which may seem irrelevant in a digital world, is an ancient art from the Indus Valley Civilisation of southern Asia. Religious sutras were copied onto palm leaves that were split down the middle, then dried, and rubbed with ink. Although we still use ink for writing and drawing we no longer use palm leaves but rag paper with an array of media. BZP Bookmaking is proud to continue this sacred art. We are honoured to share this experience with you.

As humans we derive deep satisfaction from the application of our imaginations towards the creation of artefacts. Our brains are designed to nurture curiosity through attempting new feats, learning new skills, and creating things that never before existed. This skill keeps us adaptable and better able to respond to our changing world. As stated by Dr. Cathy Malchiodi in Psychology Today, “[T]he capacity to find joy in creativity through the pleasure of invention and exploration … is based in evolutionary biology, to ensure survival of individuals and communities through innovation.”

Dr. Stuart Brown, who founded the National Institute of Play in the USA, has spent his career studying the importance of play and its contribution to empathy, emotional flexibility, and optimism. What is clear is that humans retain the ability to play throughout our lives and, in fact, we are designed to do so. Therefore, social play applied through the art of bookmaking, especially with a group of friends or family, helps us to find comfort in taking risks, problem-solving and adapting to what life throws our way.


Co-creating meaningful experiences through storytelling and self-exploration

Make your story a modern-day fable for those you love to share in the experiences of your life. I started BZP Bookmaking to empower people through collaborative creativity while co-creating positive memories with friends and family.

As stated by Australian comedian and writer, Hannah Gadsby, “stories hold our cure”. I couldn’t agree with her more.  Stories take many forms and the book is how we tell our story at BZP. I am thrilled to share my lifetime of experience in bookmaking with you and those you love. At BZP we understand books as the scared connection to our memories, dreams, and possibilities.

Osla has been making artist books in a career spanning over 3 continents and many countries. An expert in facilitating meaningful memories through the art of bookmaking, Osla is a practicing artist and has returned to Australia after living in Costa Rica, and the USA where she taught classes and workshops. Within schools, universities, places of worship, community centres, and backyards across the world, Osla finds joy in teaching the sacred art of bookmaking.

A printmaker by training, she has been engaged in an abundance of creative endeavours. Osla believes creating art is therapeutic, fun, and enhanced only by wine, chocolate, and those you love.



Blue Zoon Projects’ Make-Create We offer a variety of bookmaking experiences tailored for individuals or groups. I come to your venue. Group or individual hands-on fun to create your book. Groups minimum of 6 people at $75/person. Individual projects, price on application. Group experiences are 3 hour sessions of fun and creativity with friends. You select …


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